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STRENGTH                                      Wheel loads: Designs for up to 10 tonnes axle loads can be supplied. For maximum loadings on                                                             particular sizes and patterns please consult the Component Development technical staff. 

DEFORMATION                          If correctly installed, the channels will not deform unless subjected to loads for which they are not                                                           designed. 

SCRATCHING                              Will only scratch through misuse.

WEAR                                          The system does not suffer from wear. 

FATIGUE                                      No fatigue unless incorrectly installed or overstressed. 

CREEP                                         The channel design and installation methods allow for thermal expansion. 

IMPACT                                       Properly installed, the channels will resist impact loads but gratings may suffer if subjected to                                                                  loads for which they are not designed.


Stainless steel is not affected by normal floor cleaning substances or by most chemicals likely to come into contact with it. It will, in fact, outlast the vast majority of floor covering materials with which it is used. 


The hygienic nature of stainless steel drainage channels ensure that there are no crevices or cracks to form a haven for bacteria. 


The coefficient of thermal expansion of stainless steel is 1.6mm per metre through 100 degrees centigrade. The channel design and installation method allows for thermal expansion. 


If correctly installed, the system should have a service life and a period if reliability and durability equal to the life of the building. 

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