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  • The importance of hygiene in our schools, kitchens and hospitals is major. But with ever-growing awareness of health and safety issues, the public needs assurances that every precaution that can be made is being made. Stainless steel is deemed one of the most hygienic metals to be used in construction.

  • The key element of stainless steel is that it has a minimum percentage of 10.5% chromium, forming an invisible protective layer which is inert, tightly adhering and self renewing. Because of this it will not react to influence other materials, and, if damaged, the protective film reforms immediately.

  • The ease of cleaning ability makes it the first choice for strict hygienic conditions, such as restaurants, hospitals, kitchens, shower areas and other places where people congregate. Stainless steel has a proven record of success in the areas where sanitation and ease of cleaning are so important. (Having no pores or cracks to harbor dirt, grime or bacteria, stainless steel lets soap and water do all but the toughest cleaning jobs.)

  • According to those laws and several other rules proposed by FDA, food processing equipment must be easily cleanable, corrosion resistant and must have smooth bonded seams. Stainless steel helps in achieving all these requirements and conditions.

  • Stainless steel is one of the world's most recycled materials- more than paper and glass. This means, that by only dealing in stainless steel we are helping make the planet a happier and healthier place.

  • Finally, nothing beats the aesthetic look of stainless steel. It has been used all over the world to create masterpieces whether that be Lloyd's of London or The Chrysler Building, New York.

The initial investment costs of producing a component or fabrication in stainless steel will generally be more expensive than using ordinary steel. This is not just because of higher material costs, but also because it requires more work to shape and form. However the considerably better life cycle costs of stainless steel make it attractive because of a much longer service life and lower maintenance.

Here at Component Developments, we only work with stainless steel. We believe stainless is superior, and here is why;


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